CTX Flash Academy (Age 5-10)


CTX Flash SC Academy is the foundation for the development of CTX Flash select players. The academy journey will prepare all participants to be ready to make the step out of recreational soccer and into the more advanced/technically gifted arena of Flash SC Division 1 soccer. 

· The Academy is open to boys and girls ages 5 through 10. 

· The trainers are highly qualified, professional and licensed.  

· Building technical ability and confidence on the ball. 

· Designed to stimulate early interest in development with an advanced training curriculum. 

· 4v4 small sided games to maximize technical training, which is the foundation of all CTX Flash select players.  

Sessions are held in the Fall and Spring from 6pm-7pm. 

Festivals and games will be held within the Flash network of soccer clubs. 

Cost of the program:

U8 (2012 - 2014  birth years) - $375

U10/11* (2009 - 2011 birth years) - $475       

*Flash Academy extends untraditionally to U11 for maximum growth

Prices are for the calendar year to include both Fall/Spring Seasons and include: 

· Professional Training and Curriculum  · Practice Kit  · Festival Style Games

We are working hard to combat the "pay-to-play" model, especially at the junior level....

These are some prices of academy programs in the area: 

Lonestar Junior Academy - $775 to $1025 depending on age                            

Hays Fusion Academy - $610 

Bastrop Blaze Academy - $585 

Capital City Academy - $831.25 to $875 + tournament fees 

Please send any questions by emailing our Director of Coaching, Scott Moore at Scott@CTXFlash.com 

Register for flash academy here

Flash Academy Case Study

 A Manchester United Study found that the 4v4 small sided academy game format includes the following benefits compared to the 7v7 and 9v9 game format:

  • Number of passes – increase of 135% 
  • Scoring attempts – increase of 260% 
  • Number of goals scored – increase of 500% 
  • Number of 1v1 encounters – increase of 225% 
  • Number of dribbling skills (tricks) – increase of 280% 
  • Everyone plays 
  • Many touches of the ball 
  • The different games bring out different skills 
  • Many opportunities for everyone to score goals 
  • Lots of problem solving opportunities without coaches talking you through the game 
  • Kids are not just a defender or an attacker but a footballer and have a much better all-round understanding of the game 
  • It is a very flexible format, pitches can be marked out with cones and you can have as many different 4v4 games as you have kids.
  • The objective is to rear a generation of soccer players who play with creativity and without fear, who solve their own problems on the field, and who enjoy the game.