Comprehensive Flash Player Experience

Player and Team Periodization


Player training load is tracked through Titan GPS, training data and outside of Flash activities using key physical performance indicators. 

Individualized Player Goals


For ALL games, Flash players receive and individual goal, block goal and team goal. Players narrow their focus to grow each game.

Video Review and Highlight Films


Flash teams utilize HUDL game film for team tactics, highlight videos and team scouting purposes. Teams will have regular access to HD film.

Sports Psychology


CTX Flash utilize Dan Abrahams and his sports psychology program for elite youth soccer players to master the mental side of the game. 

College Pathway


  The college pathway program provides high school age CTX Flash players with an introduction to the college recruiting and selection process.  

Educational Events


Flash players/families will have access to quarterly events. One exciting event coming this July features an in-person visit with Alexis Viera!

Premier League Exposure


Flash players have access to Watford FC National Identification Camps, exclusive training opportunities with Watford FC Academy staff coaches as well as access to pro academy player exchange trips.

Player Feedback


Flash players are held to high standards and believe in self and peer accountability. Players receive regular feedback documenting their growth in soccer. 

Customized Game Schedule


Flash teams will participate in highly ranked tournaments and play meaningful games against the best competition in South Texas.

Statistical Data


Teams are able to visualize key game performance indicators to analyze individual and team trends. 

Serve to Play Model


The CTX Flash SC aims to reverse the "pay to play" model into a "serve to play" model. Flash players regularly participate in community and public service. 

Multi Surface Training


Teams combine training on natural grass, field turf synthetic surfaces and indoor gym surfaces depending on the unpredictable Texas weather. 

Custom Player Journals


Flash players will document grows and glows, individualized performance goals, personal insight and coaches feedback. 

SAQ Training


Soccer specific Speed, Agility and Quickness training is a vital part of the Flash programs as 95% of agility, balance and coordination is completed by age 11.

Culture and Fun


Our teams support each other by playing tournaments together - invested in each others success. We work hard together and have fun together. 

Player Mentors


Younger Flash players will have the opportunity to be mentored by an older player. With teams in the same tournaments on a given weekend, it is an amazing sight to watch an U12 player cheered on by an U17 player. 

Local School Partnerships


Flash Coaches offer free training during school hours to various schools in Hays, Caldwell, Travis and Williamson Counties. Flash players in these schools become club ambassadors. 

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