Mission Statement

To support the community, by providing an educational and developmental competitive soccer program for all. We will provide all of our players and their families a methodical model with professional coaching at affordable rates. 

Club Goal

To help and ensure that each and every player reaches the highest level of soccer that they aspire to reach and to have a lifelong love of the game. 

Flash Philosophy

The training goals at most clubs are based on the club curriculum to teach the four pillars of soccer, which are technical skills, tactical situations, physical growth and social/psychological enjoyment of the game. 

What makes the Flash Soccer program great is that it has adopted a much more player centered approach to teaching the game that is both cutting edge and unorthodox to build unique soccer players that want to play at the next level. While we understand the team aspect of the sport, the sad fact of youth soccer in America is that 80% of players will drop out of the sport by age 13. One of the most common factors, second to interest in another major sport or school activity, is that the player is not having fun or hasn't developed the skills necessary to progress with friends and cohort. With that said, the Flash focus is on the player first and foremost until the age of 12-14 depending on the level of play of each team. This may mean sacrificing results and wins in order to put each player on the field in a learning environment to test them to the max developing the four Flash pillars of the game which have been adapted by merging many great soccer training philosophies: 

1. Artistic Technique - Total skill development for quality of first touch. Creative, explosive, deception on the ball under high pressure. 

2. Chaotic Tactical - Complete understanding of the offensive and defensive principles of play embraced and operated in the creation of a turbulent environment. Living in the transitions of our opponents and our own attacking and defending movements.


3. Functional Physical - Specific growth in areas of speed, agility and quickness; mixed with competitive aggressiveness to be relentless in defense and push the limits in the attack, transitioning to either without hesitation. Correct form of body weight exercises and general physical education movements.

4. Clutch Psychological - Mental ability and clutch mindset to make decisive actions, under high pressure, in key moments of the game. Positive mindset and approach to share and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. Competitive nature built around total game instinct and awareness. 

While this sounds intense, all coaches at Flash are positive and we aim to creative a fun and enjoyable environment which allows players to express themselves and enjoy their time with teammates. 

The majority of teams will train with a partner team (Example: U11 girls A and U11 boys A OR U12 boys B and U11 boys A). Practice numbers will be 15-28 players per practice session depending on the age group. These sessions will have 1 to 5 trainers, coaches and assistant coaches. The practice sessions will use small groups of same skilled players to effectively grow all players efficiently regardless of the wide diversity of skill teams may have. This will achieve maximum player development in the shortest amount of time. 

In practice, Flash player skill growth for 1 season should exceed skill growth at other clubs by 3-4x over the course of each season. 

Modified long-term athlete development model used by Flash:

U5 through U10 -  having fun with athletic foundation and ball skills

U11 through U12 - learning how to train properly

U13 through U14 - training to train (repetition)

U15 through U16 - training to be competitive

U17 through U20 - training to win *the first results oriented age group

Scott Moore

Director of Coaching

Central Texas Flash SC

2018 State Champions (2003 and 2005 Girls)

2019 State Champions (2003 Girls)

2019 Southern Regional Finalist (2003 Girls)


Core Values



We work hard in school, do our homework, study, have fun with our friends/family and play sports that help us lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are focused on our dreams and always keep a positive mindset. 



We are aspiring to be leaders and use soccer as a stage to practice that captaincy. We don’t complain. We ignore unfairness and accept that at times there is no “fair”. We support the club, team and the common mission. 



We are bold and do not settle for mediocrity, we are innovative and push boundaries to better ourselves. We are comfortable with the uncomfortable and unknown. We pursue mountainous goals and are always seeking to improve. 



We work hard and never stop pushing ourselves to achieve our goals. We are extremely grateful for our parents and supporters who are relentless in their support for us. We seek advice to improve our game. We are persistent  problem solvers seeking solutions that will pave our way to greatness in anything we choose to pursue.



We do something difficult in every training session/game. We work hard everyday to become better players and to learn the principles of the game. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We don’t accept shabby work. We produce quality, authentic work that gives us joy in the game of soccer.